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Office of the eSafety Commissioner - Certified to provide Online Safety Programs

R U OK? at School - Official School Partner and Recommended Education Resource 

Stay Smart Online - Supporting Partner

Partners in Prevention - Respectful Relationships Education

Department of Education - School Community Approaches to Drug Education

Education Queensland - Register of Programs Approved to tour into Queensland State Schools

Education Today Journal - Powerful Brainstorm shows engage students

Department of Education - Good Practices in School

Tasmanian Government - Official Professional Learning Notices

EISAU - Education Provider

St Leo's Catholic College - Pastoral Care and WellBeing

Normanhurst Public School - Anti-Bullying Plan 

Marymount College - Anti-Bullying Policy

Sylvania High School - eSmart Policy

Parafield Gardens High School - Anti-Bullying Policy

Lindisfarne Anglican School - Anti-Bullying Policy

Wallan Secondary College - Student Wellbeing Policy

Baulkham Hills High School - Student Welfare Policy

Heathfield High School - Anti-bullying Policy

St Pius X College - Anti-Bullying Policy

Trinity Catholic College - Anti-Bullying Policy

San Clemente High School - Anti-Bullying Policy

James Sheahan Catholic High School - Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Policy

James Sheahan Catholic High School - Anti-Bullying Policy

Sherbourne Public School - Engagement Policy

Lynbrook Public School - Statement of Values and School Philosophy

Caloundra State High School - Anti-Bullying Policy & Procedures

Kingscliff High School - Safer Internet Day

Marist College Emerald - Anti-Bullying Procedures

Belmont High School - Anti-Bullying Policy

Engadine High School - Anti-Bullying Plan 

Charles Campbell College - Anti-Bullying and Harrassment Policy

St Hilda's School - Cyberbullying: Teaching digital citizenship and resilience

Nowra Anglican College - Developing Healthy Friendships

International Grammar School - Students to share wellbeing lessons

All Saints' College - Brainstorm Productions News

St Columba Anglican School - ‘The Protectors’ Brainstorm Theatre Performance 

A.B. Paterson College - Brainstorm Productions News



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Channel 10 Documentary ‘From The Quadrangle’

Brainstorm Productions dedication to anti-bullying in schools was recognised in the Channel 10 documentary ‘From The Quadrangle’ to coincide with the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Here is an excerpt from the documentary, including interviews with teachers and students about how Brainstorm Productions provides schools with real-life strategies to help students stand together against bullying.

Generation Next

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School News

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The Educator

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Gympie Times

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The Chronicle

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The Western Star

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Mudgee Guardian

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City Journal

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Northern Star Newspaper

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Mudgee Guardian

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Northern Star Newspaper

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Aussie Theatre

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Herald Sun

Click here to read Herald Sun article Leader Local Grants: Scoresby Primary School among 10 finalists vying for up to $1000

Sydney Morning Herald

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Newcastle Herald

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Daily Mercury

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Western Advocate

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Warwick Daily News

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Oberon Review

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How Schools Counter Bullying: Policies and Procedures Book

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Bullying in Schools: And what to Do about it

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Stop the Bullying: A Handbook for Schools

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Bullying and the Inclusive School Environment - Australian Journal of Teacher Education

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Primary School Programs

Being Brave
Encourages emotional wellbeing and resilience in the face of bullying, change and loss.
The H Team
Encourages critical thinking skills to stop bullying and unhealthy behaviours.
Develops cyber safety and social skills to help combat bullying.
Saving Lil & Archie
Provides strategies for emotional health, balance and positive connections.
The Human Race
Bullying program that inspires resilience, kindness and inclusion.
Sticks and Stones K-6
Provides strategies for emotion regulation, impulse control and positive relationships.
The Protectors
Addresses anti bullying in schools with strategies for resilience, assertiveness and online safety.
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High School Programs

The Hurting Game
Inspires students to build positive relationships, both online and offline.
Cheap Thrills
Explores mental health and coping, and the potential consequences of risk-taking and substance use.
Educational theatre that supports student mental health and emotional wellbeing.
Strategies to stop cyber bullying and develop empathy, resilience and positive mental health.
Cyber safety program to encourage critical thinking and ethical behaviour online.
Verbal Combat
Addresses the impact of bullying and inspires positive bystander behaviour.
Sticks and Stones 7-10
Encourages respectful relationships, impulse control and anti bullying in high schools.
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Brainstorm Productions is certified to provide Online Safety Programs by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

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