• The Hurting Game shows students how negative interactions at school and online can affect their self-esteem and their future.
  • • Bullying • Digital Citizenship • Wellbeing
    • Resilience • Digital Footprint • Cyber Safety
  • $7 Per Student
    Min fee $850 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • Years 7 to 10

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The Hurting Game
Cyber Safety and Bullying Program


Action packed, humorous and engaging anti-bullying and cyber safety program for even the toughest audience.

A live performance that explores the hurtful games we play to give ourselves a false sense of power and belonging.

When Samantha's group spread rumours and exclude her, she becomes anxious and obsessed with body image. Desperate to fit in, Jimmy succumbs to peer pressure and becomes the tough guy - harassing and bullying other students, deliberately failing subjects, playing the fool and binge drinking.

Finally, one explosive confrontation forces them to see that their decisions can have lifelong consequences. They come to understand the power of positive friendships, resilience and self-compassion

The Hurting Game Cyber Safety Program Covers:

green-tick Bullying & Harassment
green-tick Digital Footprint
green-tick Cyber Safety
green-tick Student Wellbeing

green-tickDigital Citizenship   
green-tickBody Image
green-tickPeer Pressure

green-tickMental Health
green-tickBinge Drinking
green-tickSocial Media
green-tickPositive Relationships

Please Note: This performance contains references to eating disorders & body image issues.  Teachers please contact us to discuss if you have any concerns about the content as modifications can be made in some cases.

Teacher Testimonials

quoteCongratulations Brainstorm Productions! This is an extremely valuable student wellbeing resource, nothing else like this. Supports our school anti-bullying and cyber bullying programs. Highly recommended! 10/10.end quote 

Calrossy Anglican College

quoteAmazing physical theatre! Realistic acting! Students were spellbound! Clear anti-bullying messages! 10/10end quote 

St Francis Xavier College

quoteFast paced show! Real life examples! Dealt with harassment, cyber bullying and online reputation. Students reflective and thoughtful in Q&A! 10/10end quote 

Wheelers Hill Secondary College



Brainstorm Productions is certified to provide Online Safety Programs by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. 

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quoteShowed me the reasons why people bully.....everyone in Australia should see this show!end quote 

Paralowie R-12 School Students

quoteHighly professional performance with messages for students of all ages. Maintained the students attention and general discussion was spot on with a high level of student participation and knowledge of the underlining messages. Highly recommended, 10/10!end quote

Grafton High School

quoteStudents were attentive and engaged. Actors were very impressive. Brainstorm is a delight to work with. Highly recommended, 10/10!end quote

St Peter's Tuggerah Lakes

quoteSupports personal development, self-esteem, R.E -relationships, values, Internet safety and influences of social websites on relationships. Fast moving, very well presented play that is very in tune with social problems currently 'raising their heads'. Highly recommended!end quote

Mackillop College Bathurst

quoteHighly recommended! Informative, provocative and the issues highlighted were suited to this year level. Examples of bullying and peer pressure from early years to later high school years were presented perfectly. Very good performance.end quote

Mt Alvernia College

quoteBullying is always of concern but cyber issues are major contributors. Performance was polished, varied and conveyed its message effectively. Great to see suggested avenues of help included in the drama. The simple set and costumes were perfect to show the students they can create an informative and entertaining drama. Highly recommended!end quote

All Hallows School

quoteStudents were mesmerised, engaged and responded appropriately. Supports our PD/H/PE, Drama, English, Peer support, Student welfare, cyber bullying, impact of technology and self image, general bullying, self confidence and peer pressure  policies. The performance was age appropriate and very real life, well presented, easy to follow and very enjoyable.end quote

St Francis Leeton

quoteThe use of technology is excellent! The script is excellent, humorous but relevant and meaningful. Characters realistic stereotypes. The issues raised were very relevant. Supports our anti bullying, contemporary communications, cyber safety, body image and pastoral care policies. Highly recommended!end quote

St Josephs East Gosford

quoteHighly recommended! Supports our Bullying Policy, HPE, English and The Arts curriculum. 10/10.end quote

Holy Spirit College 





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