Our 2024 Season has finally begun! This is a busy and exciting time of year for our educational theatre company, with the actors  hard at work learning shows for primary and high school audiences.

What goes into preparing our actors?

Each year we employ five teams of two professional young actors, who each share our passion for education and the performing arts. The actors go through a rigorous training and rehearsal period to prepare them to perform in schools and interact safely and effectively with students. 

Each team performs two live shows – one for primary schools and one for high schools – followed by a structured Q&A session with the students. The shows address a range of topics relevant to the following key issues: 1) Bullying, 2) Cyber safety, and 3) Student wellbeing (including resilience and mental health). Each performance acts as a stimulus for further discussion and learning in the classroom, and is supported by a suite of curriculum-linked lesson plans and teacher resources.

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The actors work with our creative team to learn the shows, including the movement, songs and dance sequences. They also learn the mechanics of setting up, packing down and performing in school environments, where they will encounter a diverse range of venues and audiences. They also work with our administrative and support team, covering all aspects of workplace health and safety, child safety and mental health and wellbeing.

Two actors in rehearsals for the high school show 'The Flipside'
Two actors in rehearsal with Brainstorm Productions

Meet our 2024 Teams

We currently have actors performing live theatre in schools across Brisbane and Melbourne, with two more teams currently in rehearsal to start in Sydney next week and another team starting in Term 2 that will go to SA.

Chris and James have just completed rehearsals for their shows ‘Sticks & Stones Yrs K-6’ and ‘Sticks & Stones Yrs 7-11’. These shows shine a light on factors contributing to (cyber)bullying, aggression and online abuse. They provide practical and age-appropriate strategies for emotional resilience, cooperation, assertiveness and respectful interactions. Chris and James are from Melbourne and will be performing in schools across Victoria and South Australia in 2024. James worked with us in 2023 and we’re so excited to have him back on board. Chris is new to the team, with recent experience performing in schools around Australia.

Two Brainstorm actors in company shirts standing in front of a colourful mural
Boy and Girl in Theatre

Bailey and Lilly recently completed rehearsals for their primary school show ‘Being Brave’ and the high school performance ‘The Flipside’. We’re thrilled to welcome Bailey back to the team for 2024, after completing a Melbourne-based tour in 2022. Lilly is new to the team, having just completed a three-year Bachelor degree at Federation University Arts Academy Ballarat. Bailey and Lilly are excited to be performing in bailey’s home state of QLD, visiting schools in the areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

Our Sydney teams are currently in rehearsals for their shows ‘Zanna & the Lost Code’ and ‘Wired’.  Adam, Betty, Liam and Chelsea have had so much fun working together on these two awesome shows, especially their high energy primary school show. ‘Zanna & the Lost Code’ follows the journey of two kids who go to Coding Camp and find themselves inside the MegaFun video game, where they learn to build safe, respectful and positive connections. ‘Wired’ is a powerful and relatable show for high school students that tackles issues of cyberbullying, resilience and mental health.

Liam and Betty are back for another year, after working with us in 2023, and Chelsea and Adam are joining us for the first time in 2024.

We’re also looking forward to working with Alex and Kieran in April, who will be performing ‘Sticks & Stones’ in the Melbourne and Adelaide areas in Terms 2 to 4.

You can learn more about our professional performers on the ‘Meet our Team’ page. 

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