Got questions? Below are some frequently asked questions about our student wellbeing performances. Click on the question to view the answer.

We have comprehensive policies and procedures around COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. These include risk assessments and risk management strategies. When you make a booking, schools are provided with clear information about what we do to keep everyone safe and how your staff can help us to manage the risks when we visit your school. We are happy to provide this information on request at any time. 

We continue to strongly encourage all our actors to be vaccinated against COVID 19 and to receive the booster vaccinations when they are available. Our actors are trained in hygiene and social distancing practices and we are also happy to work around any additional requirements that schools may have.

50 minutes, plus a short discussion of 5-10 minutes.

The agreed start time of the performance is when the actors will actually open the doors of the venue to start seating the students, so if you have a large audience you may want to allow a few extra minutes to get them seated and settled.

Please note: The GST component is paid by the school, NOT the students, and the school then claims that part back from the government via their BAS.

PRIMARY SCHOOLS: Our maximum audience for all Primary School productions is 280. The cost is $7 per student (+GST). A minimum fee of $840 (+GST) applies when less than 120 students attend. We can perform to fewer students if the minimum fee is paid.

HIGH SCHOOLS: Our maximum audience size for all High School productions is 250. The cost is $8.50 per student (+GST). A minimum fee of $935 (+GST) applies when less than 110 students attend. Again, we can perform to smaller audiences as long as our minimum fee is paid per performance.

Tamara in our office will send you a tax invoice the week after the show, based on the number of students that attended. We ask that invoices be paid within 14 days.

If you would like to book one of our award-winning in-school performances, but think you might not have enough students to cover our minimum, please contact the Brainstorm Productions office on freecall 1800 676 224.

We keep records of smaller schools, and can often help you combine with another small school, so no-one misses out! Have you looked into alternative funding options?

Yes. Our performances are best suited to a flat floor area where the actors can seat the students around them on the floor (no chairs please). An ordinary school hall, triple classroom or gym with access to electricity is ideal. Generally, 5m x 5m is required for the performance space, plus room for your students. Unfortunately, in most cases we cannot perform outdoors.

If you have an unusual venue or would like to discuss our venue requirements for different productions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Brainstorm Productions office on freecall 1800 676 224.

We tour our productions in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA.

Please see our Tour Dates for more specific information. 

Yes. After the performance, the actors facilitate a 5-10 minute discussion with the students, to unpack the key issues and give students the opportunity to ask questions. Help-seeking information is provided and students are encouraged to access support from existing networks.

We also provide a series of discussion points in the Classroom Resources, to continue the conversations in the classroom. These can be used on their own or as preparation for the lesson plans.

Yes! All bookings include a comprehensive Teacher Resource Pack, which consists of:

  • Pre-performance resources, including information for staff, students and parents, newsletter insert, social media materials, printable A3 colour posters, permission note and other resources to help you prepare for the day.
  • Compliance documents, including WWC check details and Risk Assessments.
  • Classroom resources, including post-performance discussion points, worksheets and curriculum-aligned lesson plans.
  • Primary schools also receive a song to download before the performance.

We will email a unique password to the contact person about six weeks before your confirmed booking, which is used to access the Teacher Resource Pack via our website.

Yes! Brainstorm Productions is endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider. We stay up to date with the latest research about cyber safety for students and participate in regular Community of Practice sessions with the eSafety Commissioner.

We have cyber safety programs for both Primary and Secondary students, addressing cyber bullying issues such as the use of social media and technology to bully, harrass, intimidate or spread rumours. Learn more about our cyber safety programs here.

Yes. Before and after each performance students are encouraged to talk to their teachers, parents and school support staff if they are worried about anything. At the end of each performance students are also given information about professional supports such as Kids Helpline, headspace, the eSafety Commissioner and R U OK? We also include information about support options and activities to encourage help-seeking in our Teacher Resource Pack.

Below is a list of support services for students:

Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800



The following organisations also provide information for students about issues that may be concerning them:





If a student approaches the actors and appears to be distressed and/or discloses any information that suggests they may be at risk, for example, they are being bullied, cyber bullied or abused by any person, or are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, self-harm or other mental health issues, the actors will encourage them to seek help from a school staff member and their parents. The actor/s will also refer them to support services such as Kids Helpline. The actor/s will advise a school staff member of the disclosure, with the student present if appropriate.

The actor/s will also report the necessary details of the disclosure to Brainstorm Productions administration. Brainstorm Productions will then contact an appropriate staff member at the school, such as the primary contact person, Principal and/or school counsellor, to ensure they are aware of the situation.

Brainstorm Productions has a policy for managing student disclosures where there are reasonable grounds to suspect a child is at risk of significant harm (i.e. suspicions of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychological harm, neglect or exposure to domestic violence). In such cases Brainstorm Productions management will notify the Principal directly, to ensure they are aware of the details and any mandatory reporting responsibilities are fulfilled. The full Mandatory Reporting Policy is available on request.

Yes. We are a Child Safe Organisation and all our actors have been screened in accordance with the Education Department policies in each relevant state and territory. We have measures in place for reporting any breach of the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 and the Children’s Guardian Act 2019.

Our actors are also compliant with any additional regulations required for work in some Catholic Diocese under the Child Safe Communities. 

We supply all schools with the actors’ details, including WWCC numbers, six weeks prior to the booking as part of the Teacher Resource Pack. We also comply with individual schools’ security arrangements and sign-in procedures. Any additional school requirements will be completed upon request.

All of Brainstorm’s shows are extensively researched and written by Brainstorm’s Creative Director, Jenny Johnson, a former university lecturer and drama teacher. Jenny is an accomplished playwright and director with over 35 years’ experience.

Scripts are developed in consultation with students, teachers and other professionals, including Brainstorm’s Mental Health Consultant, Dr Ameika Johnson. As a registered clinical psychologist, with expertise in child and adolescent emotional wellbeing and behaviour, Ameika is involved in constantly updating and refining all program content, including classroom resources. She also writes articles and web content to assist teachers and school communities.

Yes, Brainstorm Productions is listed as an evidence-based bullying prevention program on the Victorian Schools Mental Health Menu. This means Victorian Government schools can use the Schools Mental Health Funding to pay for our program.

Yes! Brainstorm Productions is endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider. To maintain our endorsement we need to demonstrate that our programs are safe, age-appropriate and informed by current research and the Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education. We also need to engage in professional development and consultation with online safety experts and other providers through regular Community of Practice sessions. Our programs are observed annually by eSafety to ensure we maintain a high standard of online safety education.

Yes. A detailed Risk Management Strategy is provided in the Teacher Resource Pack six weeks prior to each confirmed booking. Our actors are extensively trained to be aware of all possible risks posed to students and school staff, from the minute they arrive in the 40km/hr zone, until such time as they leave the school grounds.

Yes. Our Public Liability Insurance coverage is $20 million, and complies with requirements of all States and Territories. We also have Professional Indemnity Insurance. Certificates of currency are available to download as part of the Teacher Resource Pack, with login details provided six weeks prior to the booking.

Yes. All our employees are trained in and instructed to comply with all Workplace Health & Safety regulations. If you require a copy of our Workplace Health & Safety Policy, please contact the Brainstorm Productions office on freecall 1800 676 224 prior to your performance booking date.

Yes. All our employees have been instructed to comply with the Departmental Code of Conduct for Visitors in the school. This includes signing in at the Office when they arrive, signing out when they leave, wearing any Visitor ID required by the school, and wearing their Brainstorm photo ID whilst on school grounds (except whilst seating the students and actually performing in the shows).

Yes. We provide all our own equipment which has been tested and tagged according to Australian Standard AS/NZS3760.

When you book a performance you will receive a Teacher Resource Pack, accessible via our website using the access code and instructions emailed to you six weeks prior to your booking.  This pack includes an A3 colour poster that can be downloaded and printed to promote the show in your school.  Primary schools receive a theme song from the show, which can be downloaded and played for students prior to the performance.

The actors will require vehicular access as close to the venue as possible, at least one hour in advance of the start time of the performance. They will also need access to electricity in the venue. To avoid unnecessary delays, please also advise your front office of the actors’ estimated time of arrival, and which venue to direct the actors to, in the event that you will not be immediately available on their arrival. If any of the contact or booking details change, please contact the Brainstorm Productions office ASAP prior to the performance booking date.

The actors will arrive at the school an hour and fifteen minutes before the performance time and will need access to the venue at least one hour before the start time of the performance. As the shows are performed on the floor we need the space to be cleared of desks and chairs. We will need approx. 30 minutes in the venue afterwards to pack up.

The performances are non-denominational but are very sensitive to all members of the community. Throughout our website you will find feedback from schools in all regions and of all affiliations (i.e. government, private, faith-based and independent schools). Our shows do not contain any swearing or inappropriate content. We may be able to adapt some aspects of the performance where necessary (e.g for faith-based schools, schools with specific requirements, hearing impaired students and students with special needs). Please discuss any specific needs your school may have with the Brainstorm Productions office staff on freecall 1800 676 224.

Yes! All of Brainstorm’s soundscapes, music, theme songs, lyrics, promotional material and follow-up material have been commissioned especially for Brainstorm Productions. By utilising our performances, their music, lyrics or follow-up material you are not infringing any copyright or intellectual property rights. Unfortunately it is not possible to film our performances as they are subject to copyright. You are welcome to take photos and copy and distribute our Teacher Resource material for your school staff.

Yes. All aspects of your booking system are compliant with the Privacy Act 1988. We will not transfer, enable access or disclose your personal or school information to any third party without express permission. No photographs of staff or students will be taken, posted or used in any way without written permission from the school.

Yes. Although all our shows are updated every year, we keep comprehensive electronic records of which productions your students may have already seen. Please note: If the year levels attending a performance are changed by the school without informing the Brainstorm Productions office, our records may not be able to be relied upon in this case.

There are three easy ways you can book with Brainstorm:

  1. Complete the online booking form
  2. Email your enquiry to bookings@brainstormproductions.edu.au
  3. Phone freecall 1800 676 224 to discuss your school’s particular needs.

Our office is open from 8am – 5pm (EST) on weekdays, and we will make the whole booking process as easy as possible for your school. We will endeavour to meet your preference for particular shows, school terms or even specific dates, however please understand that we are not always able to do so.

Our programs are specifically designed to compliment your school’s existing bullying, online safety, student wellbeing and mental health programs. Our performances inspire, inform, engage and delight audiences of all ages. Brainstorm gives students a unique experience and allows them to invest emotionally in the characters’ journeys and challenges in a safe, supportive environment. The programs encourage self-awareness, self-regulation, positive connection and help-seeking, and provide students with practical social and emotional skills to enhance their relationships and wellbeing.

Performing to over 260,000 students every year, Brainstorm Productions writes, produces and tours our own shows, designed specifically for the Australian school education sector. By retaining control of the entire process, we can ensure you receive the same high quality service that you expect from Brainstorm Productions, no matter which show you book – from your initial booking request, to the performance itself and beyond. Our actors are trained, young professionals that students can easily relate to, ideal positive role models. School staff also love our programs, with 100% of teachers in 2021 saying they would recommend Brainstorm Productions to other schools.

Our auditions are held in November each year in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Applications open on 1st October every year. Please see our Employment page for more details.

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