White Ribbon Day 2014

Brainstorm Productions teamed up with Canterbury Girls High School and Girraween High School for White Ribbon Day 2014 on 25th November to help raise awareness and much needed funds to support White Ribbon Australia’s work to break the silence around violence. 

Violence against women is at epidemic proportions. Devastatingly, on average, one woman is killed every week in Australia as a result of partner violence. While death is at the pointy end of a broad spectrum, violence against women and girls encompasses verbal, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual abuses, which all form part of a destructive cycle of violence.

The two Brainstorm Productions White Ribbon Day events held at Canterbury Girls High School and Girraween High School used educational theatre to address anti-social behaviour and how this can have a profound effect on student mental health and wellbeing. Students participated in a performance of ‘Cyberia’ which tackled digital violence in the form of cyber-bullying, one of the biggest threats to teenagers today.

In 2015, Brainstorm Productions will be touring the multi award-winning ‘Sticks & Stones’ program. Seen by over 1.7 million Australian school students, ‘Sticks & Stones’ uses prevention education to help change young people’s attitudes and behaviour towards violence as well as teaching the importance of respectful relationships. By exploring the different forms of bullying in the playground, in the street, online and at home, ‘Sticks & Stones’ provides kids with real-life strategies for conflict resolution, anger management, assertiveness and breaking the cycle of violence. 

The ‘Sticks & Stones’ program has been developed in multiple formats for different age groups starting from Kindergarten and Preparatory (Prep) through to Year 10. 

To find out more, click on the below links or call us on 1800 676 224:

Sticks & Stones K-6

Sticks & Stones 7-10


What do students have to say about ‘Sticks & Stones’?

“Awesome! Cool! Don’t fight. Speak out if you’re being bullied. Solve your problems by working together. Treat others how you want to be treated. Counsellors are there if you need to talk. Say NO to bullying!”

Forbes Primary School – Students

“Since the Sticks & Stones performance the number of people I have seen being bullied has decreased. That Brainstorm thing was the best way to get rid of bullying & I think every school should have it. Because of your show, I know how I should control myself & my actions.” 

Beecroft Public School – Student

“Awesome. Educational. Bullying affects people mentally, physically and emotionally. Treat everyone equally and respect people. If you bully people they don’t respect or trust you.”

St Joseph’s East Gosford – Students


Those who wish to support the critical work of White Ribbon Australia in the prevention of violence against women, click here to make a tax deductible donation. 

If you are experiencing violence or suspect someone else is, please contact 1800 RESPECT for advice and support. In an emergency, call the police on 000.