Verbal Combat

Resilience & Anti Bullying Program

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Not Currently Touring

An educational theatre performance for high schools that explores online safety, bullying, group dynamics and the role of bystanders. Supported by a Q&A and curriculum-aligned teacher resources.

This theatre in education program explores the complex dynamics that emerge within peer groups and the harmful impact of (cyber)bullying. What will happen when students try to find their place in the social world?

Some will get caught up in rumours and bullying, while others try to maintain power and control.

When schoolyard issues spill over into the online space, some students are left feeling hurt, embarrassed and confused.

It will take courage to stand up against bullying. Who will show empathy and compassion? Who will take responsibility for their actions?

A cleverly crafted narrative encourages students to examine their own behaviour and create more respectful environments at school and online.


Please note this program is not currently touring.

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This program is:

Not Currently Touring