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Updated 5 July 2023

Our hearts go out to everyone that has been affected by this health and economic crisis. 

Like everyone in the Arts Industry, our business was significantly impacted.  However, we have been operating for 40 years and although we do not receive any external funding or sponsorship, we have been able to successfully steer our way through.  We are now back operating at full capacity!

We continue to strongly encourage all our actors to be vaccinated against COVID 19 and to receive the booster vaccinations when they are due.  Our actors follow all the Health Department guidelines in every state.  

We are committed to the guidelines around social distancing and hygiene, and have our COVID-19 Risk Assessment, Policy and Procedures available. We are also happy to work around any extra requirements that schools may have.

Our Performances

The lockdowns and restrictions did impact us, but we are grateful that schools have supported us every step of the way – welcoming us as an essential part of the wellbeing curriculum.  Our tours this year were once again very heavily booked across all states, and we are now taking bookings for 2024! 

Many teachers have told us that Brainstorm’s live student wellbeing programs are now more important than ever given the disruption students have been dealing with over the last 3 years and the increase in time spent online.

We are happy to work with schools on their risk assessment process to reassure staff and parents that our productions are COVID safe events.

We want to remind our clients that we do not have a cancellation fee. This means that schools will NOT be charged any fee if bookings have to be cancelled due to COVID 19.

Our admin staff are on hand to respond to any queries via phone or email. 

Staying Connected

We continue to engage with our online community via our Instagram Linkedin and Facebook

Our clinical psychologist Dr Ameika Johnson is staying up-to-date with the latest research, and the unique challenges faced by students and the wider community during this time. We are continuing to update our program content and ensure it responds to the changing needs of children and young people in this post-COVID world. 

Our aim is to connect people and create a sense of community for students through live theatre. We are focused on inspiring students to be resilient in the face of challenges and to be kind and compassionate to one another. The world needs this more than ever and we look forward to continuing to do this into the future!

We appreciate and thank you for your support. 

Support for students

This has been a very confusing and challenging time for children and young people. The coronavirus pandemic resulted in substantial changes to the way they live, learn and connect with others. The following organisations have some great online resources to help students cope and stay connected: 

Support for teachers

Being a teacher is stressful at the best of times! We understand that teachers have now been facing a range of additional challenges and we thank you for your invaluable contribution to our community. There are many online resources available to help you cope. Please take some time to look after yourself:

In Solidarity,

Brainstorm Productions

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