Cheap Thrills

Student Wellbeing Program

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A highly engaging one-man show for high school students that addresses risk-taking, substance use, resilience, mental health and choices. Supported by a Q&A and curriculum-aligned classroom resources.

This fast-paced live performance is about that split second when we reach a crossroad, make a choice, take a risk and possibly change our lives forever. It looks at the potential impact of our choices on wellbeing and mental health.

Andy and his friends binge drink, use cannabis and are confused by the hormones racing around their bodies. His girlfriend has access to MDMA and his sister takes risks on social media. This dangerous cocktail explodes into one dramatic incident that results in the loss of his mate Jamie.

The actor takes us on Andy’s journey, skillfully portraying the people in his life and their individual struggles. Andy uses substances to cope with stress and anxiety, as he tries to come to terms with the choices he has made. He discovers the best decision of all is to stand up, ask for help and take responsibility for his actions.


Please note this program is not currently touring.

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This program is:

Not Currently Touring