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A live performance for high school students that explores online safety, cyberbullying, resilience and mental health. Supported by a Q&A and curriculum-aligned classroom resources.

This engaging online safety and mental health program for high school students uses live theatre to encourage positive relationships and help-seeking.

Ruby loses touch with her values and gets caught up in cyberbullying and online drama. Anxious and struggling with impulse control, she is in danger of ruining her digital reputation.

Tim is in self-imposed exile. A lack of sleep and social interaction leads to mistakes, scams and misunderstandings online. He becomes isolated and withdraws into gaming.

Students follow Tim and Ruby’s journey as they restore their privacy and relationships, and develop skills for help-seeking and positive mental health. 

Developed in consultation with a clinical psychologist, Cyberia uses real student experiences and a compelling narrative to spark conversations about mental health, relationships and online behaviour. Designed to complement the strategies already in place at your school, Cyberia provides students with practical tools to help them cope with challenges and stay safe, connected and resilient. Brainstorm Productions is endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider.

Each high school program includes:

Cyberia Online Safety Education Program Covers:

Australian Curriculum v9.0:

  • General Capabilities: Digital Literacy, Personal & Social Capability, Ethical Understanding, Critical & Creative Thinking, Intercultural Understanding, ICT Capability, Literacy.
  • HPE
  • The Arts
  • English
  • Digital Technologies
  • Curriculum Connections: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Online Safety & Respect Matters.

NSW: PDHPE, Creative Arts, English. 

VIC: Drama, Critical & Creative Thinking, English, Ethical Capability, HPE, Civics & Citizenship, Intercultural Capability, Personal & Social Capability, Digital Technologies.

Also supports: The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework, Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education, eSafety Toolkit for Schools, The National Education Initiative (Be You), National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools & Pastoral Care. Supports Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL), eSmart Schools, and other programs that promote student wellbeing, anti bullying, behaviour management, resilience, cyber safety, mental health and positive relationships in schools.

What sort of venue do we need?

An indoor venue with access to electricity.  There is no need for any special theatre style venue as the show works best in an open space, with students seated on the floor. A school hall or gym is ideal but we can also use triple classroom areas, libraries etc.  Unfortunately due to WHS we cannot use outdoor areas. If you have an unusual venue and would like to discuss it with us please contact our team on 1800 676 224.

A layout diagram is provided for each performance, showing how the actors will set up and how students will be seated. Download the layout diagram for this performance here.

What is the cost and how does the minimum fee structure work?

Our maximum audience size for this performance is 250. The cost is $8 per student (+GST) with a minimum fee of $880 (+GST) applying when less than 110 students attend. Our office will email you a tax invoice after the show, based on the number of students that attended.  

What provisions do you have in place for supporting child safety and wellbeing?

We are a Child Safe Organisation and comply with all aspects of Child Protection and screening in each state and territory. We have Risk Assessments in place and all our actors are trained in WHS, appropriate behaviour in schools, dealing with student disclosures and providing appropriate help-seeking information. Scripts have been researched and developed in consultation with teachers and a Clinical Psychologist.

What will the actors need on the day?

The actors will arrive one hour and fifteen minutes before the performance time to sign in and access the venue. The shows are performed on the floor (preferably NOT a stage), no chairs please. They have all their own equipment.

For more information please go to our FAQ page, or call us on:

1800 676 224

Please note: this performance contains references to parental separation, anxiety, depressed mood and unsafe online interactions. Teachers please contact us to discuss if you have any concerns about this content. All mental health references are followed up with relevant help-seeking information and are informed by Mindframe’s guidelines for portraying mental ill-health on stage and screen.


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