Friendship & Cyber Safety Program

A resilience program for primary school students that uses educational theatre to promote cyber safety, friendship and anti bullying. Supported by a Q&A and curriculum-aligned lesson plans.

Buddies follows the journey of two students as they discover the secrets to building healthy relationships and staying safe online.

Lucy is impulsive and breaks the rules to try to fit in. Charlie is being bullied, but he’s afraid to stand up for himself and show his true feelings.

As players in an exciting virtual video game, Charlie and Lucy must co-operate to navigate the cyber chamber, overcome the forces of Aggrator, earn the eight Friendship Discs and restore the Ancient Ring of Friendship.

They learn important lessons about cyber safety, such as not sharing passwords, not talking to strangers, and how to protect their privacy on apps and games.

Together they realise that a true friend is someone who is kind, tells the truthlistens, makes you feel safe and allows you to be yourself.


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