• Unlock the secrets to making and keeping good friends. Learn how to have fun and stay safe online.
  • • Bullying  • Cyber Safety
    • Friendship  • Student Wellbeing
  • $5.50 Per Student
    Min fee $770 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • K / Prep to Years 6/7

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Bullying and Cyber Safety Program


An anti-bullying and cyber safety program that uses educational theatre to provide simple strategies all children can use to develop positive friendships.

Buddies education theatre

Buddies follows the journey of two students as they discover the secrets to building healthy relationships and staying safe online.

Lucy is impulsive and breaks the rules to try to fit in. Charlie is being bullied, but he's afraid to stand up for himself and show his true feelings. 

As players in an exciting virtual video game, Charlie and Lucy must co-operate to navigate the cyber chamber, overcome the forces of Aggrator, earn the eight Friendship Discs and restore the Ancient Ring of Friendship. They learn important lessons about online safety, such as not sharing passwords, not talking to strangers, and how to protect their privacy on apps and games.

Together they realise that a true friend is someone who is kind, tells the truth, listens, makes you feel safe and allows you to be yourself

Buddies Cyber Safety Program Covers:

green-tick Cyber Safety
green-tick Cyber Bullying
green-tick Bullying
green-tick Positive Relationships

green-tickSocial Skills
green-tickConflict Resolution

green-tickAnger Management

Teacher testimonials

start-quoteAwesome! Creative way to support cyber safety, appropriate use of games and technology, friendship and decision-making skills. 10/10.end-quote 

Manly Vale Public School

start-quoteBrilliant! Enthralling! Clear strategies for internet safety, anti-bullying, impulse control and empathy. 10/10.end-quote 

St John Vianney's School

start-quoteAmazing! Clearly showed that trust, kindness, self-control, believing in yourself, sharing your thoughts and being safe online makes you and your friends stronger. 10/10.end-quote 

Rangeview Primary School




start-quoteFantastic, exciting, engaging show! Age appropriate, funny. Well done! Pre-performance and follow-up materials are a fabulous insight into the story and student wellbeing resource. My kids loved the song! Highly recommended. 10/10.end-quote 

Goondi State School

quoteAwesome! I liked it because I can use those ideas if I have the same problems. We learnt to relax, take a breath, count 8..9..10, put your hands in your pockets ‘til you’re calm again.....never put personal information online...we love the friendship discs and the song. The play was creative and fun and taught me to be safe online and how to look out for online dangers. 10/10.end quote

Students, St Mark's Primary School

start-quoteHighly recommended! I thought the 1/2s may not quite grasp what was happening - I was wrong! They were engaged throughout and understood all the concepts. The rhymes, songs and raps were a fantastic way to draw them in and give them something to remember. The actors were fantastic! Addressed school bullying, cyber bullying, internet usage and interpersonal, social skills. 10/10.end-quote 

Tooradin Primary School

start-quoteFantastic performance and the best method of conveying a serious message to the students. Actors were amazing and every child understood the message. Can't praise them enough! Children loved it because it was informative and interesting. They learnt how to calm down when angry, be safe online, have good self esteem and be assertive. Aligns with our school Values Education, Cyber Safety, Student Welfare and Wellbeing Policies. 10/10.end-quote 

Al-Taqwa College

start-quoteI enjoyed every bit! The game teaches the characters eight main things about friendship: honesty, help, apologising, self control, be yourself, listen, share and be kind. We learnt to never befriend people on the internet that you don’t know and don’t give personal details like mobile numbers, email or house address. Be kind to your friends, parents and other adults. Control yourself and don’t let anger take over. The show was excellent!end-quote 

Students, Al-Taqwa College

start-quoteFabulous actors who were autonomous and exhibited a passion in delivering the message. The link between cyber safety and friendships acknowledged that cyber issues are a regular aspect of 21st century friendships. Especially relevant to our Integrated Topic Friendship Enriches Lives and Values. 10/10.end-quote 

Caulfield Grammar School 

start-quoteHighly recommended! Really valuable performance! Relevant messages! Children Prep to Year 6 were transfixed for the whole hour! Excellent debrief. Supports ICT Student Wellbeing, Citizenship, Personal Development and Health. 10/10.end-quote 

Bright P-12 School

start-quoteBrilliant! Great language, current topics and devices for kids. Loved the physical theatre, song, visuals, finale and discussion with students. Supports our Anti-bullying, Welfare and Social Skills Programs. Highly recommended!end-quote 

Kilberry Valley Primary School

quoteBEST SHOW EVER! Students were all excited about the show, they had excellent recall of events, messages and songs after the show. Supports our pastoral care, health, cyber-safety, quality start, friendships and ICT curriculum. Highly recommended. 10/10.end quote 

Eastern Fleurieu School

quoteFantastic! I would highly recommend Buddies to other schools as an anti-bullying resource. Clear messages about cyber safety, friendship, peer pressure, bullying and restorative justice. Very entertaining! Easy to understand and interactive. 10/10.end quote 

Enfield Public School





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