There is no doubt that online usage has grown significantly over the past 10 years. Social media, online shopping and mobile usage is increasing at lightning speed, especially among kids and teens. The impact of all this technology brings with it a range of new issues for young people including cyber bullying, internet safety, privacy and how to be responsible online. 

To help kids better understand the steps they can take to protect their personal and financial information online, Brainstorm Productions has become an official partner of ‘Stay Smart Online Week’ 2014. Held from 2 to 6 June and conducted by the Australian Government, this year’s theme – ‘On The Go’ – reflects the importance of staying safe and secure online while using mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

The smart phone explosion is something that cannot be ignored and kids are doing more online and staying connected for social networking, banking, shopping and surfing the net without turning to a PC. Children are being introduced to hand held devices from a very early age, including mobile phone apps, online games and of course social media. Unfortunately a lot of kids and teens dive right in and don’t yet understand what’s OK to share online and what needs to be kept private. By sharing the wrong information, kids can be subjected to cyber bullying, electronic harassment, fraud and more. The impact this can have on a child is horrific including low self-esteem, depression, isolation and in some cases self-harm or worse. These issues have become an important challenge for schools and teachers.

Brainstorm Productions provide a range of cyber safety and bullying programs to help students stay safe online. Our programs are designed to empower students to fight cyber bullying, because it’s not adults, teachers or parents at the forefront – but kids themselves. They are best placed to know when help is needed. Using real-life scenarios our programs tap into the dynamic and three dimensional world of relationships, emotions and human interaction. Each student, from bullies to victims and bystanders, will develop an understanding about themselves and their behaviour – both good and not so good. This approach is both innovative and very powerful in instigating positive change. But the learning does not stop there. Our work continues in the classroom with a suite of supporting material for teachers including lesson plans and interactive whiteboard activities – all crucial in helpings kids control their digital footprint.

During Stay Smart Online Week we encourage everybody (kids and adults alike) to improve their online security including:

•Securing their mobile device

•Securing their desktop or laptop computer

•Protecting their online accounts

•Safely connecting and sharing online

•Safely buying and selling online

The Stay Smart Online website also has a range of tips and resources to help kids and teens. Please follow the below links:

Social networking safely

Dealing with cyber bullying

Secure you mobile phone

Dealing with online grooming

We’re here to help! If you would like to know more about our range of cyber bullying programs, please call our friendly team on 1800 676 224, click here to email or follow these links:

Primary School Shows

High School Shows

We are committed to reducing cyber bullying in schools and encouraging positive student behaviours. Our live in school performances have been created to leave a lasting impression and challenge even the most cynical students to examine their patterns of behaviour. This is why our programs are seen by over 350,000 school students every year and why 99.7% of teachers recommend Brainstorm Productions. 

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