Recently we had the great pleasure of performing our cyber bullying program ‘Cyberia‘ at Cairns State High School. The program is designed to empower students to address bullying, cyber bullying and digital responsibility through a live in-school theatre performance and curriculum-based activities.

Please find below the positive and enthusiastic feedback we received from two year 8 stduents in response to the performance. Like to know more? Click here to view our range of high school cyber bullying and bullying programs.  

The Cyber Bullying Performance

By Lindseigh and Remi, Year 8

Cyber Bullying can happen to anyone! It happens every day and everywhere!

Cyber Bullying is affecting our brains, our humanity and our future!

On Wednesday 25 June, year 8 and 9 students at Cairns State High School witnessed an educational theatre presentation about cyber bullying, Cyberia.

Cyberia was put together to discuss how the digital age is affecting students in schools. It addressed issues relating to blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and MSN.

Having witnessed a real life cyber bullying incident, the presentation reminded us to think before you say or in this case, think before you type.

The show was performed by just two actors, a male and female who played 2 characters each. The actors were very good as they swapped characters and their timing was perfect with the sound effects. The set was sparse with minimal props with just a laptop, ipad, iphone and chair. These were all made out of clear plastic to create an effective symbolic presence.

The student audience was absolutely amazed by this performance and it definitely changed our perspective on cyber bullying. The main message was – ‘Don’t sign up on websites that ask for money or personal information and don’t hack into other people’s accounts’.

We would recommend this performance to all students especially if you use the internet to communicate.

Cyber Bullying Program

Cyber Bullying Program 2

Cyber Bullying Program 3