Brainstorm’s 2023 season is now in full swing! We’ve just wrapped up three weeks of intense rehearsals in Northern NSW and our first teams of actors are heading off to share their performances with schools. 

Raphael and Jake are performing ‘Sticks & Stones’ in Brisbane this week, as QLD students head back to school. This show has two versions: one for Years P-6 and one for  Years 7-11. They’ve worked incredibly hard, not only learning two shows and completing our extensive induction training, but also learning to juggle! Their dedication has paid off and they’re now juggling balls and clubs, passing and doing ‘the steal’ (watch the video below to see what that means).

Miriam and Clayton just landed back in Melbourne, with one more week of rehearsals to refine their shows ‘Wired’ and ‘Zanna & the Lost Code’. We’re so proud of these two, adapting to the the countless changes that come with working on new shows, and pulling together two high quality performances.

Composer and musician Sean Peter has worked his magic once again, creating an immersive soundscape for ‘Zanna and the Lost Code’. We don’t think we’ll ever get the song ‘We Have the Power’ out of our head – and we don’t want to! It’s so catchy and we know it’ll have staff and students singing and dancing well after the show has finished.

Actors Miriam and Clayton smiling for the camera in their Brainstorm t-shirts
School theatre productions

We’ve also had our movement coach and assistant director, Matthew Wells, here from the UK. Matthew worked with our artistic director to develop the physical pieces for ‘Zanna & the Lost Code’, to transport students into the world of the Megafun Game. We can’t wait for students to experience our awesome new productions.

This week we welcomed two new teams. Bethany and Liam are here rehearsing ‘Being Brave’ and ‘Cyberia’, and Tim and Julia are rehearsing on ‘Saving Lil & Archie’ and ‘The Flipside’. We’re looking forward to working with these teams over the next few weeks.

Actors Julia and Tim smiling for the camera in rehearsals
School Theatre Performance

We’re proud to be one of the most respected and experienced theatre in education companies in Australia, delivering engaging and empowering school theatre performances across five states. Each performance is supported by a Q&A and a suite of curriculum-aligned classroom resources. Our team of educators, creatives and mental health professionals are passionate about creating meaningful theatre experiences for students that will complement the wellbeing programs already in place at each school.

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