What a week! It all kicked-off with the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on Friday 16th March, followed by World Day of Theatre for Children on Tuesday 20th March and lastly Harmony Day on Wednesday 21st March.

It was a BIG week of blending theatre-based learning with anti-bullying learning, anti-violence learning and celebrating cultural diversity. Using theatre to spark change, these important themes were brought to life as Brainstorm Productions performed to thousands of students over these three days. And this learning revolution continues throughout 2018 with Brainstorm Productions range of bullying, cyber safety and student wellbeing programs.

Using theatre, Brainstorm Productions helps students see, feel, hear and think about the consequences of their behaviour, both positive and negative; from violence and bullying to inclusion and respect. 

Left unaddressed, the impacts of violence, bullying and exclusion can lead to serious problems for all involved. We know one in four students report being bullied in person, and one in five online. Whether it happens in person or online, bullying can have a devastating and lifelong impact. That’s why these national days of action are important springboards to help change the mindset of students and to help improve student wellbeing.

The issues of bullying and exclusion are common in schools, and relying on cookie-cutter strategies won’t fix the situation. In order to make lasting changes in behaviours, the issues need to be addressed using a range of strategies and communication methods. If you would like to know more about how theatre and the arts can help your school, click here to read dozens of teacher and student testimonials, call us on freecall 1800 676 224 or click here to email.

For many teachers and students this has been an exciting and empowering week! Thank you to all the schools we had the pleasure of performing to this week.

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