Apply for our 2024 Season

This page includes all the information you need to submit your application, including the monologues, instructions for preparing your audition video and the online application form.

Please read all information carefully before submitting your application.

How to Apply


Read all information and instructions carefully.

Please ensure you have read all the information on the ‘Work with Us’ page before starting your application, including:

  • Essential Criteria for Actors
  • How to Apply
  • Roles for Actors in 2024 and
  • FAQs

Read the instructions below before starting your application.


Download and learn the monologue

For Male Roles

For Female Roles

We will be casting ‘male roles’ and ‘female roles’ – please see the list of roles and contracts available for 2024 on the ‘Work with Us’ page:

  • ‘Male roles’ will require you to play predominantly male-identifying characters.
  • ‘Female roles’ will require you to play predominantly female-identifying characters.

Gender diverse and non-binary identifying actors may choose to perform one or both monologues, and specify on the application form which role/s they wish to be considered for. 

A note for Melbourne based actors: We are only casting ‘male roles’ in Melbourne this year for the shows ‘Sticks & Stones K-6’ and ‘Sticks & Stones 7-11’; however, we are casting both male and female roles in Sydney and Brisbane. Please tell us on your application form if you wish to relocate. 


Record your audition video

  • You will be considered based on the quality of your performance, not the quality of the recording. Auditions can be recorded using a phone or tablet, as long as they are recorded in a quiet, well-lit location. There is no need to use professional equipment.
  • Ensure your full range of movement is visible in the frame and that we can clearly see your face. Use a tripod or secure your device in a stable position.
  • Face the camera and say your name, age, and whether you are represented by an agent or a freelance actor. State the name of your agent if applicable.
  • Perform the monologue provided (please see the note above for gender diverse and non-binary identifying actors). Please perform your monologue in one take and without the script in hand.
  • After the monologue, face the camera and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ unaccompanied.
  • Then tell us briefly why you want to work for Brainstorm Productions and what you believe you can bring to the role. Please keep this to less than 2 minutes.
  • Ensure your video is saved in an accessible format such as MP4.
  • Name the video file using the following format:
    ‘[Your name]_Brainstorm audition 2023’ (e.g. ‘Joe Citizen_Brainstorm audition 2023′)


Upload your audition video, current CV & current headshot

  • Once you have recorded your audition video, upload your video, CV and headshot to WeTransfer.
  • Go to Sign in, or if you don’t have an account select ‘I just want to send files’.
  • Click ‘Upload files’ and upload your audition video, CV and headshot.
  • Leave the ‘email to’ field blank.
  • Select ‘Get transfer link’ and copy your link.
  • On the application form below you will be asked to paste the WeTransfer link into the field provided. Please do not send your files to us via email.
  • If you’re unable to use WeTransfer and need to use a different file sharing app, please check that we can easily access the files.


Submit the online application form below

If you are required for a callback you will be contacted directly via email, or via your agent if you are represented.

The callback dates are listed on the ‘Work with Us’ page. If you do not hear from us by these dates, then please assume we do not require you for a callback.



The following information is about your driver licence and driving history.

To access information about your demerit points and driving history follow the links below:

or use the Service NSW App.



Please note: Drivers in NSW, VIC and QLD start with zero demerit points. If you commit an offence that has a demerit point penalty, demerit points are then added to your driving record. 

If you are offered employment with Brainstorm Productions you will be asked to provide evidence of your licence status and driving record/history.


Link to audition video, CV & headshot


I am aware that if I am offered a position:

N.B. This is a legal document so please check all details before you sign it.

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