The Human Race

Resilience & Cyber Safety Program

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Educational theatre for primary students that promotes resilience, diversity, cyber safety and anti bullying in Australian schools. Supported by a Q&A and curriculum-linked classroom resources.

The Human Race is a fun and inclusive student wellbeing program for primary schools that reinforces positive relationships and supports vulnerable children to build confidence and social and emotional skills. This live performance encourages kindness, respect, empathy and inclusion.

Dunc has been bullied. No one wants to be his partner in the race. Deedee has been excluded by the girls in her group. She is horrified when she is forced to enter the race with Dunc, the “most embarrassing kid in the whole school”.

Can they use their skills in conflict resolution, problem solving and assertiveness to complete the challenges? Dunc and Deedee will need to be respectful and compassionate, play by the rules and do their best to take their place as citizens of the world.


Please note this program is not currently touring.

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This program is:

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