You’re being a bully if you are nasty to someone every day or even every week. It might be straight to their face, behind their back or on-line. (It may have just been one time)

How do you feel when you’re saying or doing nasty things to people?

1-  Excited?2-  Powerful?3-  Bad or guilty?
4-  Nothing?5-  Scared?6-  Nervous?

Stop making yourself feel bad, guilty, nothing, scared and nervous!

Is there something more constructive you could do to make yourself feel powerful or excited?

Why do you do it?

1-  You think they (the victim) are annoying?
2-  You think they are ugly or weird looking?
3-  You think they have weird clothes or hair or??
4-  You think they’re not as cool as you or your friends?
5-  They play games or computer games you don’t like?
6-  They don’t like the same music as you?
7-  They’re bad at sport or look weird when they run?
8-  They live in a small or old house?
9-  Their parents drive an old car?
10- Their parents are overweight or weird looking?
11- They are from another country?

Why do you need to point it out to them? Is it any of your business?  Will it change the person and suddenly make them ‘not from another country’? Does everyone have to be just like you and your friends? Would it be hard being that person? Why do you want to make it even harder for them? If they’re being annoying can you avoid them or tell them nicely exactly what annoys you?

12- You bully them to make everyone think you’re funny or cool?

When you see someone being cruel or nasty to an animal or a human do you think it’s cool? (If you answered ‘Yes’ to this you need to see a counsellor immediately) Do you think it’s funny when you embarrass or humiliate someone? (If you answered ‘Yes’ to this question you need to see a counsellor very soon). What makes someone cool? Is cool when someone is different and stands out from the crowd without having to actually do anything? Is cool when someone is relaxed and comfortable just being themselves? (Start being cool immediately).

13- You bully to make other people think you’re not weird or poor or fat or gay or bad at sport or like lame games or music or…..???

Do you think telling other people they are weird, fat or lame will make you feel you’re not? Do you think you are weird, fat, lame??? (Embrace your own brand of weirdness, eat well, do a bit of exercise and start being comfortable with your own body shape immediately.) You shouldn’t call someone ‘gay’ if they’re not and you shouldn’t hassle them if they are? Its 2013 not the 1950’s and it is actually against the law.

14- You bully because everyone else is doing it?

I thought you wanted to be cool? Didn’t we just decide that being cool was being different?

15- If you don’t bully them, other people might bully you?

Try stopping and see what happens.

16- You’ve never been busted for bullying?

Break the habit now so you don’t get busted, expelled or suspended or fired from your job or divorced or, or, or end up a lonesome old cowgirl or cowboy!

17- You don’t know them so you don’t care what they think?

Do you want to get to know them? If the answer is ‘No’ then don’t say anything at all. If you do want to get to know them you will need to be civilised and interact with them in a positive way.

18- You don’t think it matters if you bully them because you think other people don’t have feelings?

If you answered ‘Yes ‘to this question you need to see a counsellor immediately.

19- There’s no real reason at all. Just bored?

Really? There are heaps of things to do that won’t inflict pain on others and won’t get you charged with harassment!!!

20- You think you’ve got the right to say and do whatever you like?

Unfortunately that’s not true. It’s actually against the law. If someone makes a complaint against you and you are charged you may not get certain jobs or a visa to travel overseas. And it will be super embarrassing for you and your family.

21- You think it’s just a joke.

It’s only a joke if the person is laughing too. Are they laughing?

22- You just say the first thing that comes into your mind?

Very baaad habit! Stop! Think! Speak/Do/Send.

23- Your parents say nasty things to you?

How does it make you feel? Do you want to pass those habits onto your own kids? Is it possible to break the cycle? Yes! See a counsellor soonish.

24- When you feel bad you want everyone else to feel bad too?

Why do you feel bad? See a counsellor very soon.

25- Learnt to be nasty from TV and movies?

It’s not real it’s just TV. Even reality programs have been manipulated and edited to seem like everyone is nasty. Do you really admire those people? They always get voted off because people don’t want to put up with nasty behaviour.

26- You do it anonymously on-line so you don’t have to say it to their face.

Why can’t you say it to their face? Are you embarrassed? Ashamed? Nothing is really anonymous. Everything can be traced.

27- Sometimes I just get really angry and aggressive and can’t help myself.

You need to get your anger out in a safe way. Exercise, run around the block, go to a gym, join a touch footie or netball team, (Don’t take it out on the other players!) punch a pillow, go down to the park and shout to the sky, talk about what makes you so angry, have a good cry??? You need to learn to cage the beast or you may end up in real trouble when you’re older and bigger. You don’t want to be an abusive friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, mother or father!!!

What will my life be like if I stop being a bully?

Less stressful. Easier. More time to do useful things. People might start to trust you and get closer to you. People will think you’re a nice person and want to hang out with you. You’ll start to feel proud of yourself and like yourself more. Your friends and parents and teachers will admire you. Girls? boys? Will think you’re cool and hot and want to be your boyfriend or girlfriend!!! People will be kinder to you and forgive you if you make mistakes. When you get a job you won’t get fired for bullying people at work. You won’t get a police record for harassment. You will be able to travel the world and have a fantastic happy life!!!

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