Here at Brainstorm Productions we are all about helping teachers, parents and leaders to reach out to school age children and help them come to grips with bullying and its destructive results. 

The key, we feel, to reaching kids and impacting upon them is teaching without preaching and our bullying programs are constructed around educational theatre. Storytelling, drama and music have been used since the beginning of time to educate and engage individuals and whole communities. It unites people in a shared experience and is a springboard for discussion about the human experience. In this way we give strong and emotional anti-bullying lessons to kids, whilst entertaining them at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.  

The results of our bullying programs are varied and sometimes surprising, with both teachers and students all gaining from the experience. Here are some of the great reasons to use educational theatre as part of your school bullying program:

  • Helps in reducing bullying and poor behaviour, whilst improving the health and wellbeing of students.
  • Provides support for children who have experienced bullying and helps students become more socially aware and empathetic.
  • Students get to experience great live performances from young charismatic role models that they can relate to, a refreshing change from day to day school activities and lessons.
  • Children learn in different ways. Educational theatre may be the key to unlocking some of the thoughts and feelings students may be experiencing around friendship and bullying.
  • Educational theatre can have a profound effect on some children when they see a scenario played out with clear solutions and skills that they can try in their own lives.
  • Students have the realisation that they are not alone and their feelings are validated through the emotional journey of the characters on stage. They see the characters demonstrate perseverance and resilience. It gives hope.
  • The children that are bullying can see their negative behaviour reflected back to them and realise the damage they are doing to the victim. 
  • Gives skills for changing negative behaviours and tips on how to intervene safely to support victims.
  • Teachers can tap into a resource to help students deal with bullying that meets mandatory curriculum requirements.
  • Teachers are provided with a FREE resource pack including curriculum-linked lesson plans and interactive whiteboard activities for ongoing support and reinforcement of the anti-bullying message.
  • Educational theatre is a FUN way to learn! But don’t take our word for it. Click here to read our testimonials.

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