• A unique anti bullying and cyber safety program that inspires students to take responsibility for their behaviour at school, at home and online.
  • • Cyber Bullying • Bullying • Cyber Safety
    • Social Media • Bystanders
  • $7 Per Student
    Min fee $850 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • Years 7 to 10

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Verbal Combat
Bullying and Cyber Safety Program


Cyber safety and cyber bullying in schools is addressed through a cutting edge educational theatre performance.

A cleverly crafted narrative encourages students to examine their own behaviour and create more harmonious school environments.

This show explores the complex dynamics that emerge within friendship groups and the harmful impact of bullying. What will happen when students try to find their place in the social world?

Some will get caught up in rumours and bullying, while others try to maintain power and control.

When schoolyard issues spill over into the online space, some students are left feeling hurt, embarrassed and confused.

It will take courage to stand up against bullying. Who will show empathy and compassion? Who will take responsibility for their actions?

Verbal Combat Cyber Safety Program Covers:

green-tick Cyber Bullying
green-tick Digital Citizenship
green-tick Legal Consequences        
green-tick Social Media


green-tickPositive Relationships
green-tickCyber Safety


Teacher Testimonials

quoteStudents were mesmerised. Script was right onto the issues of bullying, manipulation, control, power, loneliness and isolation. Confronting, relevant! 10/10.end quote 

Newcomb Secondary College

quoteExcellent! Important questions raised about responsibility, the nuances of social media, posting inappropriate images and videos, privacy, consent and respect. 10/10.end quote 

De La Salle College, Caringbah

quoteBrilliant! Captivating! Students reflected on peer pressure, isolation, trust, exclusion, labelling, gender roles and resilience. 10/10.end quote 

Craigieburn Secondary College




quoteProfessional and entertaining! A well-written script performed extremely well. Students were highly engaged. Extremely relevant themes such as cyber bullying, belonging, peer pressure and conformity. Confronting issues were realistically portrayed & presented in an entertaining way. Modelled behaviours and choices that resonated with students. Discussion at the end was very constructive. Actors were polite and enthusiastic! 10/10.end quote

Lakes Grammar

quoteThe performance was brilliant. It gets better each year! I’ve seen Brainstorm performances for many years and this is the best one I have seen. Both year levels [7 & 8] were completely enthralled and engaged.end quote

Catholic College Sale - Sion Campus 

quoteA great performance that is closely connected to student life at school. Students really enjoyed the show & actively responded to the questions at the end. Very engaging & educational with examples acted out to give students a lesson about how to react to bullying. A very strong message. Very professional! 10/10.end quote

Wellington Secondary College

quoteEngaged! Responsive! Debrief afterwards was detailed and timely, more meaningful that it was led by the performers. Students demonstrated a good understanding of what the performance was about - keeping self/others safe in friendship, legalities and other issues students may not have been aware of.end quote

St Michaels Grammar School, St Kilda

quoteHighly recommended! Engaging, informative, covered issues of cyber bullying, misuse of social networks to harass and manipulate. Great conclusion to our bullying unit. 10/10.end quote 

East Doncaster Secondary College

quoteVery positive, eye opening for students. The follow up at the end of the performance was very good and linked it all together. Supports our pastoral care, computers and ICT cyber safety role, technology and bullying curriculum. Highly recommended!end quote

Grace Lutheran College

quoteExcellent energy and execution, highly relevant and stimulating. Thoughtful and genuine listening to students. Supports our anti-bullying, English, Drama, HSIE and PDHPE curriculum. Highly recommended. 10/10.end quote

St Paul's High School

quoteHighly recommended! Supports our social, cyber, emotional and verbal bullying policies. Very high quality performance. Actors were very good.end quote

St Ives High School

quoteStudents were very engaged for the duration. Supports our anti-bullying curriculum. The performers were very professional, fantastic acting ability and great discussion leaders at the performance end. Highly recommended.end quote

Mackillop Catholic College Warnervale

quoteHighly recommended! The performance and the content was pertinent and well presented. A number of students commented that night they went home and changed their facebook privacy settings.end quote

Stuartholme School

quoteOutstanding! Very professional, well structured performance supporting our anti-bullying and harassment policy. Q&A well considered and delivered. Thank you!"end quote

Rose Bay High School

quoteStudents really connected to this performance. Brainstorm always presents quality productions, addressing issues that students can relate to. Performance definitely engaged the students to make positive changes – many of them get caught up in social media issues that they don't know how to handle. Highly recommended. Keep up the awesome work!end quote

St Agnes Catholic High School





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