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High Res Images

Primary School Programs:

 The H TeamThe H Team

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 Sticks Stones K 6Sticks & Stones K-6

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 Saving Lil ArchieSaving Lil & Archie

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 Being BraveBeing Brave

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thehumanraceThe Human Race

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themagicwords2The Magic Words

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High School Programs:

Cheap ThrillsCheap Thrills

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 verbalcombatVerbal Combat

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 Sticks Stones 7 10Sticks & Stones 7-10

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 The Hurting GameThe Hurting Game

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Fact Sheet:

Download Brainstorm Productions Fact Sheet as a PDF: Click Here


Brainstorm logo VFA


Award-Winning In-School Theatre Performances 


Brainstorm Productions is Australia’s largest in-school touring theatre company, performing to over 350,000 primary and high school students every year. Established in 1983, Brainstorm Productions tours over 1,700 shows annually that tackle a range of issues affecting Australian students including bullying, cyber bullying, violence, under-age drinking, depression, eating disorders, family separation and discrimination. 


Brainstorm Productions aim is to reduce the incidences of bullying in schools and improve student behaviour and wellbeing. Using real-life scenarios, Brainstorm Productions anti-bullying, cyberbullying and wellbeing programs use live theatre to connect with students and enact change including: 

  • Empower students with real-life strategies to help enhance their mental health, happiness and wellbeing
  • Reduce the incidences of bullying, cyber bullying and aggressive behaviour in schools
  • Help students understand the importance of developing respectful relationships at school, at home and online
  • Provide teachers with a range of unique school resources to enhance existing anti-bullying, wellbeing and cyber bullying programs
  • Help students develop a greater understanding of cyber safety and digital citizenship
  • Provide bystanders of bullying and aggressive behaviour with the tools and confidence to support their friends and peers
  • Engage students in live, interactive theatre, using authentic real-world youth experiences, that are designed to help develop student self-awareness and empathy for others
  • Use young professional actors as role models to inspire a new generation to participate in and appreciate the arts


  • Best School Bullying Prevention Project by The Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association’s STAAR Awards
  • Award for Excellence for Performances in Schools from NSW Department of Education and Training (winner for 10 consecutive years)
  • Australian Violence Prevention Award from The Department of Criminology
  • PINS Award for Excellence from Performers in Schools (winner for 5 consecutive years)


  • Certified to provide Online Safety Programs by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner
  • R U OK? Official School Partner
  • Privacy Awareness Week Partner
  • Australian Government's Stay Smart Online Week Partner
  • Featured Channel 10’s 2015 anti-bullying documentary ‘From The Quadrangle’


  • Australia’s leading in-school touring theatre company
  • Performing to over 350,000 students every year
  • Anti-bullying, cyber bullying and wellbeing programs
  • Multi award-winning, independent and ethical 
  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Curriculum-based


Saving Lil & Archie

Key Themes: Cyber Bullying, Digital Citizenship, Positive Connections

The H Team  

Key Themes: Wellbeing, Bullying, Positive Behaviours

Sticks and Stones K-6

Key Themes: Bullying, Empathy, Friendship, Co-operation

Being Brave

Key Themes: Resilience, Emotional Wellbeing, Empathy, Loss

The Human Race

Key Themes: Diversity, Inclusion, Bullying

The Magic Words

Key Themes: Values & Respect at School & Online




Key Themes: Cyber Bullying, Social Websites, Isolation

Cheap Thrills

Key Themes: Risk Taking, Safe Partying, Choices

Verbal Combat

Key Themes: Cyber Bullying, Social Media, Exclusion

The Hurting Game

Key Themes: Bullying, Digital Citizenship, Harassment


Key Themes: Depression, Mental Health, Exam Stress

Sticks & Stones 7-10

Key Themes: Bullying, Exclusion, Resilience, Problem Solving



Brainstorm Productions

PO Box 804

Alstonville NSW 2477 

1800 676 224  

ABN: 17 088 834 637


Sarah Frare at Brainstorm Productions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


High res Brainstorm Production logos:

Brainstorm logo VFA

Logo on White

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Brainstorm logo VFA RVS

Logo on Black

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