The Magic Words

Values, Cyber Safety & Bullying Program

An educational theatre experience for primary schools that encourages values and respect at school and online. Supported by a Q&A and curriculum-aligned classroom resources.

A live performance that inspires children to face life’s difficulties with kindness and compassion.

When Rolf and Rhiannon are disrespectful and selfish they create unhappiness and chaos in the playground. Rolf bullies, cheats, tells lies and alienates his classmates. Lonely and confused, Rolf starts posting hurtful comments and photos, and engaging in unsafe behaviour online.  

Then Rolf meets Zanna. In a world full of turmoil and uncertainty, Zanna is on a special mission to find the secret to happiness.

They embark on a journey that requires them to interact with teachers, parents and other students. They soon discover that  true happiness is found through connecting with others, giving and receiving respect, being kind and cooperating to reach a goal.

Through song and dance your students will learn how manners and respect are celebrated around the world. 


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