• Skills for life! A wonderful way to learn how to be assertive and resilient.
  • • Bullying • Cyber Safety
    • Resilience • Social Skills
  • $5.50 Per Student
    Min fee $770 per session +GST
  • 1 hour incl. discussion
  • K / Prep to Years 6/7

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The Protectors
Bullying and Cyber Safety Program


Educational theatre that addresses bullying in schools, and empowers vulnerable students to be assertive and safe in the playground and online. 

The Protectors bullying program

'The Protectors' is an emotional wellbeing resource that has been researched and developed in consultation with teachers and students. It offers concrete solutions children can use to protect themselves from hurtful comments and negative behaviours they may encounter online or in the playground.

Cyber safety messages are delivered in a fun, memorable way. Children will be able to understand the consequences of cyber bullying. 'The Protectors' unlocks the secrets of assertiveness and gives students 'Protector Tools' to curb aggressive behaviour.

The performance follows the stories of Serena and Leo, who are both struggling to get along with their peers. Serena is aggressive and doesn't listen. Leo is thoughtful and sensitive, but he doesn't have the skills to stand up for himself and remain resilient in the face of bullying.

When they enter Protector School, Serena and Leo learn how to 'freeze and breathe', say sorry and be themselves. They discover that empathy, assertiveness and impulse control are the only superpowers they need to build confidence and positive relationships

The Protectors Anti-Bullying Program Covers:

green-tick Bullying
green-tick Resilience
green-tick Respect
green-tick Protective Behaviours

green-tickPositive Relationships
green-tickCyber Bullying
green-tickConflict Resolution
green-tickProblem Solving

green-tickCyber Safety


Teacher testimonials

 quoteFANTASTIC! Marvellous performance! Engaging and exciting. Actors were positive role models - gave students clear, concise ideas for how to positively deal with bullying. I believe the messages will be remembered! 10/10end quote

Minchinbury Public School

quoteCaptivating! Students were highly engaged, enthusiastic, and active listeners. All appropriate topics - empathy, passive vs aggressive behaviour, assertiveness, the "protective oath", cyber bullying and positive thoughts - presented in a fun and exciting way. Thank you!end quote

Collingwood Park State School

quoteEvery child in Australia should see this show!end quote

St Francis Xavier, Ballina



Brainstorm Productions is certified to provide Online Safety Programs by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. 

eSafety Commissioner logo 


quoteFantastic from the moment we walked in! Very engaging, age appropriate and addressed all aspects of bullying - freeze and breathe, be assertive and positive, and use a sense of humour - very clever! Students were enthralled! 10/10end quote

North Ainslie Primary School

quoteExcellent! Students were captivated and totally engaged. It supported our anti-bullying policies and gave the students many skills to prevent bullying. It was also great to see cyber bullying being addressed as it is a most important issue for children in the 21st Century.end quote 

St Joseph's School, Kilaben Bay

start-quoteBrilliant! Fabulous engagement! Entertaining, fun, fast paced with a great message. Brilliant actors, highly motivated, interacted well with the children. Very well informed on the topic of bullying. Kids will remember to ‘Freeze and breathe and walk away’ if someone teases them. Loved it! 10/10.end-quote 

Cathedral School, Bathurst

start-quoteHighly energetic, engaging, articulate! Multiple strategies to deal with bullying. Loved the song and great range of level-appropriate lesson plans and activities. Actions with verbal cues reinforced the strategies about cyber bullying and cyber safety. 'Tell, Block, Delete'. Friendly, professional actors. Very good product - I would highly recommend to other schools. 10/10.end-quote 

McAuley Catholic Central School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Interactive, energetic, excellent messages. Superhero theme very effective. Great song and debrief! Supports Personal Development, Child Protection, Student Welfare, Friendship, Bullying and Cyber bullying.end-quote 

Manly Vale Public School

start-quoteHighly recommended! Wonderful highly effective performance that showed awareness of the age and needs of students. Engaging, entertaining and easy to relate to. Excellent strategies. Supports PD/H/PE, Social Development, Anti-bullying and Student Welfare policies. 10/10.end-quote 

James Erskine Primary School 






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