On 6th February 2018 Brainstorm Productions celebrated Safer Internet Day, a worldwide event that is coordinated by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner in Australia. 

As a certified provider of online safety programs by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, Safer Internet Day was an opportunity for Brainstorm Productions to help create awareness of the safe and positive uses of digital technology and explore this year’s theme: ‘Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you.’ 

On Safer Internet Day, and every day during the school year, Brainstorm Productions help primary and high school students with internet safety. For primary school students, Brainstorm Productions cyber safety programs explore themes including how to protect yourself online, how to be respectful, knowing when to seek help and how to stay positive when situations become challenging. For high school students, programs are taken up a notch to include topics on legal ramifications, sexting, respect, cyberbullying, balancing online time, offensive behaviour, trolling and the serious risks of unwanted contact with strangers. 

Click play to hear our actors Ash and Bram talk about Safer Internet Day and Brainstorm Productions cyber safety program Cyberia:



While internet safety for young people is a very serious topic, Brainstorm Productions uses a methodology that addresses the big issues while still making students feel understood by using inspiring stories, humour and drama; which appeals to student’s emotions and makes the learning experience highly engaging and memorable. 

Here are a few testimonials from both teachers and students:


“This incursion delivered internet safety messages in a fun, interactive way, opposed to a dry lecture and slide show. Role play and performance was very relevant to students as they learn to be nice people, as well as being nice online. Discussion time at the end was great to emphasise cyber safety aspects. Highly recommended – 10/10.” Bandiana Primary School, Yrs P-6, The Magic Words

“The complex issues surrounding the misuse of technology and the damage caused by cyberbullying were all brought to life through this play. The play provided guidelines around cyberbullying, the effects of too much screen time, internet safety, and protecting our online reputation. We look forward to welcoming [Brainstorm] back again.” Yr 9 students, Marist College Eastwood, Cyberia


“I enjoyed the show. It told me to be safe online and never give away personal information. They also told us not to bully or fight, and to always take a deep breath. I really liked their acting, it was really funny. I wish we have it every year!” Primary school student, Sticks and Stones

“I learned that fighting is never the answer, and if someone is bullying you then take a deep breath and put your hands in your pockets and walk away. I learnt to be safe on online games and to ask your parents or have supervision. And I learnt how to control anger.” Primary school student, Sticks and Stones

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