March 20th is World Theatre for Children and Young People Day and the message this year is ‘Take a Child to the Theatre Today’. Theatre is not only entertaining for kids, but is proven to have a positive influence on behaviour and issues relating to health, wellbeing and society. Kids are often also more receptive to these important messages because they can empathise or relate to the characters on an emotional level.

But don’t take our word for it, watch this video of kids from a Brisbane Primary School talking about the benefits of enjoying a theatre production including:

  • “Theatre fires the imagination”
  • “Theatre teaches children about human motivation and psychology”
  • “Theatre brings people together”
  • “Theatre develops play and social skills”
  • “Theatre connects the head to the heart”
  • “Theatre is live and encourages activity”
  • “Theatre is an excellent means of creating empathy”
  • “Theatre will boost a child’s literacy”