Cyber Safety Programs

Cyber safety education for primary and high school students using live, in-school theatre. Endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider.

About our Cyber Saftey Programs

Our theatre in education programs offer a deeply engaging learning experience and a fresh perspective on cyber safety education. Our cyber safety programs promote respect, resilience, responsibility, reasoning, help-seeking and ethical behaviour in online environments. A live theatre performance, follow-up Q&A and curriculum-aligned classroom resources provide students with practical strategies to create safer and more positive online experiences. 

Below you’ll find an overview of our cyber safety school programs.

Primary School Programs


• Cyber Safety
• Bullying • Friendship

2021: NSW, ACT, SA

The H Team

• Cyber Safety • Health
• Wellbeing

2021: VIC
2022: NSW, QLD

The Magic Words

• Values & Respect
• Cyber Safety • Resilience

2021: NSW, VIC, QLD

Saving Lil & Archie

• Wellbeing
• Cyber Safety • Anti Bullying

2022: NSW, VIC, SA

Sticks & Stones K-6

• Cyber Safety • Anti Bullying
• Resilience

2022: NSW

High School Programs


• Bullying • Cyber Safety
• Mental Health

2021: NSW, VIC, SA

The Flipside

• Bullying • Cyber Safety
• Online Ethics

2021: VIC

THe Hurting Game

• Resilience • Bullying
• Online Safety

2021: NSW, ACT, QLD
2022: NSW, VIC, SA

Sticks & Stones 7-12

• Resilience • Anti Bullying
• Cyber Safety
2022: NSW

Verbal Combat

• Anti Bullying
• Cyber Safety • Resilience

2022: QLD, NSW



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