Facebook – what’s public and what’s not?

ALERT: Facebook have changed their privacy settings again.

If you are under the age of 18 and have a Facebook account your profile isn’t automatically private anymore. In fact, if you don’t update your privacy settings, ANYONE can see ALL of your personal information ANYTIME!

Follow the steps below to protect your privacy. Facebook considers most of your private information to be public information.

To limit the information that can be seen by others – and by whom! – there are some things you can do.

We strongly suggest you follow the steps below. Following these steps is a good start but remember that Facebook often make changes to user profile settings and you should always keep up to date with any future changes.

PLEASE NOTE: These settings are for Facebook desktop and do not include Facebook mobile app privacy and security features.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: What you post on Facebook can be made public – no matter what your privacy settings or intentions are. If it is on Facebook, it can be shared by ANYONE who can see it! 

If you ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ something on Facebook, anyone else who can see the original post can also see that you liked or shared that post – even people you have blocked.

“If you aren’t comfortable with who can see the post, then don’t like it or comment on it” Facebook, Desktop Help