At Brainstorm Productions, we did lots of important and substantial things to support R U OK?Day 2015. That’s because we believe conversations do make a difference. We believe we can help each other by taking the time to ask, “are you ok?” We believe that having a meaningful conversation is powerful. And of course, R U OK? is such an inspiring message with potentially life-changing consequences.

We also loved this year’s campaign drive to encourage people to give a big old-fashioned thanks to someone who had asked “are you ok?” when they needed help through one of life’s ups or downs. It was a great way to give our activities focus and help students reflect on the types of conversations that can be helpful to a friend who’s not doing so well.

As the R U OK? School Partner, we hit the ground running on R U OK?Day (Thursday 10th September) to help school students appreciate the true meaning of these three small words. It was a powerful, positive and transformative day for all involved!

Students came forward with such compassion and heart to ask “are you ok?” and took the time to check-in with each other and write thank you notes to people who had been there for them. The displays of emotion and open expression of care was a beautiful thing to witness and we are proud to be a part of the campaign.

Here is a snapshot of our R U OK?Day 2015:

While R U OK?Day may be over for another year, Brainstorm Productions will be visiting schools every day of the school year and reminding students to stop for a moment, talk to one another on subjects close to their hearts and take the time to ask “are you OK?”.

About R U OK?

R U OK? is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging and empowering all people to ask “are you ok?” of anyone struggling with life. Its vision is a world where everyone is connected and is protected from suicide. Find out more: